Why Do I Need Social Media?

by Jan 26, 2015

Why Social Media

Why Social Media

Having an online presence is no longer about having a website, paying for Adwords and then sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring. Do that and you may end up with your phone being cut off when you can’t afford to pay the bill because you spent all your money on Adwords and no business came in.

As a business you have to get creative with all of your online presence. A website on its own, just won’t get you noticed. You’ve got to be on some of the social media sites (probably not all) and your content (the messages you pump out) have got to be good. Actually scrub that. They’ve got to be great!

Get your social media wrong, and not only could it damage your business it could put you out of business.

Getting your social media right for your business takes time, effort and even more patience. Do not believe that guy down the pub that tells you that you just need to send out a couple of sales message tweets a week and the customers will come flocking. They won’t. End of.



So why do you really need to be on social media?

  1. Your customers are on it
  2. Your competitors are on it
  3. Your industry is on it

Remember the days when people didn’t believe that one day we would all have at least one computer in our homes? Remember wondering why on earth you would need a mobile phone? Remember when you couldn’t understand why people would want to share their lives on Facebook? Are you seeing a pattern here?

If you are absolutely lost by this new online world that we live in, or you just don’t have the time or the resources to get your social media right, then please, if you love your business (which hey, you’re in business, it’s like having a child) drop me an email, tweet me, IM me or the old fashioned way and call me.


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