Who Are You Comparing Yourself To? – Mic Drop Monday

by Apr 9, 2018

Do you find that you are always comparing yourself to others? In life and in business, and especially women, we all look at others and wonder why we aren’t as great as them. As successful as them. As pretty as them. Have the amazing relationship that they have. But in truth, we don’t know what is going on behind the camera or behind the scenes of a business so we are never seeing a true comparison.

There is only one of you, so focus your efforts on the being the very best version of you and going after the life that YOU want. Not going after the life that someone else says they have or looks like they have. Go and live your best life and achieve your goals!

Stop Comparing!


When we compare our own lives and our own journeys to others we might as well be comparing apples to oranges. Everyone’s lives are different. Everyone has different skills. We all start out journeys at different points. You might think that someone is an overnight success but really they could have been working away for 20 years and it’s only now that you’re noticing them.


If you find that you are comparing yourself to others and imposter syndrome is setting in, take a good look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are absolutely freaking fantastic!


Go after your life, your dreams and stop concerning yourself with anything that anyone else does.


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