The Art Of Social Sharing

by Sep 3, 2018

It’s all well and good sharing loads of content on social media because you think sharing is caring. But you could actually be putting your audience off your own content. There is an art to social sharing.


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Is Sharing Caring?

I know I always say that sharing is caring and we should share more of small businesses content. But……… sharing a load of rubbish that isn’t relevant to your audience is probably doing you more harm than good.


You see, when you share something, as a business with an audience, your followers see that as you sharing something that you think they will find of benefit. They don’t think you are sharing just to win some brownie points with another business or because you are on a hashtag hour and feel the need to retweet everything on that hashtag. If you share too much that isn’t relevant to your audience then eventually they are going to get fed up with it and you’ll end up turning them off your content. Which is pretty much the last thing you want to be doing. It’s hard enough to build an audience and get that audience to engage with you without putting them off because you thought you were being nice by sharing other businesses content.


So next time, as a business you decide to share some content that isn’t yours with your social media audience, ask yourself first if it is relevant to your audience? Does it fit with their demographics? Is it something that is even available in their country? Are you tweeting something for females to your all-male audience? Sharing may well be caring but if you’re sharing the wrong content to the wrong audience then it’s just falling on deaf ears.


But apart from that, sharing is caring. So hit the share button!


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