Success doesn’t just happen. Fact. It takes 5 very important C’s


 Are you just starting out in business and looking around online and wondering why so many people just seem to hit exactly the right mark? What is it that they have or do that you don’t that is making them excel while you are still sat waiting for your moment to come.

They have the 5 C’s.


Have you ever heard successful people talk about their laser focus? This is because to be successful in the first place you have to define what it is you want and then you have to define it some more. You have to have absolute clarity on what it is you want and also what it is you do. And then you have to get super laser focused in on it. I hear so many business talk about what it is they do, but they aren’t very clear about it. They aren’t definitive. And when I ask what it is they want they are all sort of vague about it. Perfect your elevator pitch. Perfect your why and be absolutely clear in your own mind of what it is you want to achieve. Are you totally clear about what your niche is?



Success with Socially Sam

Success with Socially Sam


Once you are clear on what it is you do and what it is you want, you’ve then got to commit to it. There is no point being half hearted about it. Your lack of commitment to what you do will shine through, no matter how great your product or service is. If you aren’t 100% committed to what you do then how can you expect your customers to be committed to you?   There is no point making the plan to your success if you then don’t stick to it. This is where so many people go wrong. They create the plan but then don’t stick to it. Even down to the small details. For example, if you say you’re going to put a blog post out every Monday, then commit to it and do it. If you look at the success of many the one thing they all do is stick to what they commit to. 100%.




What is it that you do differently? Are you a coach? Are you a marketer? Do you sell a product? Whatever it is you do, you need to do something differently, otherwise how else are you going to stand out from the crowd?   This doesn’t mean you need to go out and reinvent the wheel, but you need to stop following the crowds, because that’s what everyone is doing. Instead look for new emerging trends. You may be the first to use them and be find of lonely hanging out there, but when the crowds arrive you’ll be 10 steps ahead of all those that are following. Some great examples at the moment are for live streaming. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of video, but very few businesses are taking it to the Meerkat and Periscope platforms. Yes, they are both emerging apps but getting in first is key to leading and crushing it on anything new. Snapchat is another. Many are still trying to figure out how Snapchat fits into their marketing plans. Whilst the leaders are already on it.


With the growth of video for business many are going down the webinar route or straight forward explainer videos, which is great. But look at platforms such as YouTube and look at who and what is crushing the numbers on there. The cool kid vloggers have it nailed. But who says a business can’t take on this format? People associate with people, not businesses. If you are your brand then why not become an every day vlogger so your ideal customers can get to know you better? Personally I think so long as what you put out online isn’t damaging your brand and is either of some benefit to your business or entertaining to your audience then there is nothing wrong about getting personal with your content. After all, if your content is identifying with your target audience then this will only increase your know, like and trust factor.



Success with Socially Sam

Success with Socially Sam


This is the one thing I see so many businesses failing to do. And they fail to realise that it’s the number one reason their online marketing and social media doesn’t work for them. Consistency is key.   What you do today, you must tomorrow, and the day after that and the day after that.   How many times have you visited a businesses Facebook or Twitter page and they haven’t posted for a few days? But then the next day they post 4 times all one after the other. This is all too common and then these businesses complain that they have zero engagement and ROI from social media. If you as a business aren’t being consistent in what you put out, be it a vlog, social media post, newsletters etc, then how can you expect your target market to be consistent in what they absorb and engage with?   With social media be consistent and post every day. Even if it’s just one post, make sure you do it.


The more you post the more chances you have of being seen, but you’ve got to be consistent about it. Don’t go on a mad Twitter posting session because you just put out a blog and then never post anything again for like 3 months when you put out a blog post again. Show up every single day on social media. If you say your newsletter goes out on a Wednesday, then put it out on a Wednesday. If your Q&A LIVE webinar (tiny little plug there for mine 🙂 ) goes out on a Friday then make sure you are there every Friday delivering your content.   I was asked last week on Q&A what to do if you feel like nobody is listening and you are just talking to the wall when you put anything out on social media. Guess what? You need to get friendly with that wall because chances are you are going to talk to it a hell of a lot. But your consistency will eventually pay off and your reach and engagement will grow. You’ve just got to give it time and be patient.






In today’s online world, content is king. No matter what your product or service is you will get noticed by the content that you put out. This is why it’s called content marketing. If you aren’t putting any content out, then you won’t get noticed. Simples.   So what is content? Well this, what you are reading now, is content. The Tweet or Facebook post that you saw that you clicked on that then brought you here, is content. One of my videos on Facebook or YouTube that you watched and then clicked on a link to end up on my mailing list that I then mailed you to say I’ve put up a new blog post, that’s all content.


Hire help! @socially_sam

Hire help! @socially_sam

It is vital in this content absorbing culture that we live in that your business is creating some form of content. Don’t think though that you have to start big with high quality production videos that could get oscar nominations let alone a few likes on Facebook. Start small. Start with what you are ok with. So that might just be creating a few nice visuals for social media, then moving on to a blog. Commit to doing what you know you can do. There is absolutely no point in saying you are going to put out a daily vlog when you hardly have 5 minutes to spare in the day. Creating great content takes time and effort, and remember, just like we’ve already discussed, sometimes nobody pays attention.   But the great thing about content is that you can reuse and repurpose it. So if you do create a fabulous infographic and nobody pays any attention, well that’s absolutely fine because in 6 months time after you’ve consistently put out great content and people are paying a lot of attention to what you are doing, then you can reuse that bit of content again. Reuse recycle! So long as it’s still relevant that is.


And if you are really struggling with your content creation or just your whole online marketing, then hire someone to help.

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