Social Media. It’s like dating. Only sweeter

by Aug 13, 2015

So you’re ready. You’ve had your hair professionally blow dried and your nails done, maybe even thrown on a few false lashes for that extra wow factor. Your outfit has been a lifetime in the planning and it took several last minute returns and next day deliveries from Asos before you found that perfect one.


Wedding day?

No. First date.


Social media is like datingAs you casually survey the bar you try to spot all the other first daters. It’s a weeknight so it’s quiet and there’s nothing all that interesting on the tv. You can hear faint parts of other people’s conversations and if you really tuned in you probably could even chip in. You see this is no ordinary bar. It’s the Twitter bar.


There are other bars all too similar. There’s one called Facebook. Everybody goes there, even your mum! Another called Google+ although the owners have kind of messed around with that and couldn’t quite pick a theme or target market for it, so now it’s kind of dead and nobody is going there any more. Then there are the young trendy places where all the cool kids hang out; Instagram and Snapchat. Oh and there’s the really cool place that just opened, Periscope. But tonight you’ve chosen Twitter as your place to meet your blind date.


You’re optimistic that this date will lead to many others. After all, why wouldn’t he find you super attractive and uber sexy? What’s not to like.


Boom! You’ve spotted him. He just walked in the door. You make eye contact. He walks over towards you slowly outstretching his arm to shake your hand.


This is that first meeting moment. That first ever interaction. So what do you do?


His arm is outstretched ready to shake your hand.


Why are you jumping straight to marriage with your social mediaYou pounce on him, pin him to the floor, declare your undying love, whip out an engagement ring from your handbag along with the handcuffs so he can’t escape and tell him that you have to leave this bar and run on over the road to Pinterest so he can view your wedding boards and check all the suppliers you already have lined up for your dream wedding that by the way you already have booked.


At what point there do you think the guys life flashed before him and he ran for the hills screaming with plumes of smoke billowing from his shoes because he can’t get away fast enough. Do you think he’ll accept your marriage proposal or even so much as return your next call or email or even remotely wish to ever interact with you in any form again?


I guess the full on straight to marriage approach doesn’t work with dating.

Guess what? It doesn’t work with social media either.

You see so many people take this exact approach with their social media strategy and wonder why it’s not working. They just walk on into the bar, pick any old random stranger and declare that they’d very much like to marry them. Right now if possible. The fact they are strangers doesn’t matter. It’s getting down to the marriage, the sale that is the important part.


So let’s play out this dating scene a little bit differently.


He walks in, stretches out his arm to shake her hand. She accepts the hand shake and invites him to sit next to her. They chat a little getting to know what each other does and if they’ve any common interests. They establish a few shared interests and the conversation flows. He may then offer to buy her a drink, or she may even offer, and the conversation flows some more. It’s the end of the night and they thank each other for the lovely conversation and go their separate ways.


The next day she may spot an interesting article online that she thinks may be of interest to him. He is thankful for this thoughtful gesture. He asks her for another drink and they hang out some more in the Twitter bar and also visit Facebook together. After a few more dates to the various bars he then asks her for dinner outside of the bars, at a different venue. They are starting to build a relationship.


Some time passes and these interactions continue. Then one night she’s out in her car and it breaks down. She’s stuck. Stranded. Until she remembers the nice guy she’s been dating might just be able to help her out. She gives him a call and 30 minutes later there he is her knight in shinning armour to rescue her. It just so happens that he works in a garage (handy) so he knows who to call to get a tow truck out and then drives her home. Helping her out when she needed it was no trouble to him at all. He was happy to help, even though it made him miss Match of the Day.


Social media and datingAs he drives her home she realise that this guy is probably a keeper and much more genuine than all those other guys trying to sell themselves to her in the likes of Facebook and Twitter. His genuine approach, his none sales like approach, his willingness to help and serve and to be of benefit and to add some value to her life made him stand out from the very noisy crowd. He may not have shouted the loudest or been the coolest dude in Facebook, but he was the right man for the job.


As he pulls up outside her house to drop her off she takes the next brave step. She invites him in for coffee…………….


And they all lived happily ever after.


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