It’s your weekly dose of all things business, marketing and social media with a healthy mix of whatever is floating around my mind at the time.


This week we are minding our own business about what our competitors are doing and focusing on our own businesses.


We are not listening to dumb crappy SEO sales people and I tell you a shocking example of some bad SEO and Adwords I’ve seen lately.


We talk creating content (again)


I give my predictions for what is going to be hot in the next few years and the future of online media.


And I also give you some top tips advice if you are a budding pundit waiting on the sidelines


And we wished my beloved Preston North End the best of luck in the play offs (they won by the way and now we are off to Wembley in 2 weeks)


Have a super week ahead. We won’t be live next Friday as I need to be elsewhere all day so I’ll be prerecording the day before so you can still tune in at 2pm on Friday for all your A’s to your Q’s.




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