Massive thanks to all those that attended Friday’s Q&A and to those who submitted questions. There have been a few questions so far that have sparked ideas for blog posts and future training webinars so I’ll keep you posted about those. In the meantime here’s the replay along with a few notes of what Q’s I gave the A’s to this week.

I also had my lovely daughter Chloe helping out on the techie side this week.

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This week we covered;  

Being authentic online and I gave a mention to TomSka and you should go watch The Creators YouTube video

How much do I actually need to do on social media? (clue, you don’t have to spend all day on it!)

My thoughts on Preston’s high street being voted the unhealthiest in the UK

Dealing with negative comments from your nearest and dearest

Why most people DON’T succeed in life

Cake or biscuit? (the debate continues)

Who will win the General Election?

What podcasts do I listen to? (special mentions to #AskGaryVee and Pat Flynn)

Who should be on Pinterest

My take on video bloggers (basically I think they are freakin awesome!)



My “Quit Your Business Babble” blog post with a free download guide will be live shortly and I’m hoping to get the podcast up and running for next week so you can listen to me whilst your on the go rather than here or on YouTube.   Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and all my other social media pages (links below) to keep right up to date with all things business and social media. And remember sharing is caring so I’d really appreciate it if you liked this post to give that share button a little click and spread some love.    

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