Thank you to everyone that attended my first Q&A Friday. The link is below along with a few notes and the links I promised for a few items I referred to. Make sure you register to attend next week and don’t forget to submit your questions –

This week we covered;

Spotting fakes

Not wasting time on social media

Increasing email open rates (link below to a handy tool)

Staying positive

My favourite cake (yes someone actually asked that!!)

Not ranting or calling people out on  social media

TOP TIP No.1 – check the copyright date on your website and make sure it’s up to date

My thoughts on self proclaimed guru’s and experts

What to do when the business gremlins set in



We also covered a little bit of Zayn Malik and 1D, Jeremy Clarkson, naughty chimps, weird people out in the street and my crazy daughter!

Here’s the links I promised you; – I got the name right, it’s Professor Steve Peters, well worth a read and if you can make one of the events I’m sure it would be a great thing to learn

And here’s a few resources to help you with email open rates;


Remember to get your questions in and register for next week here –

I’ve also got a great blog post coming out for you on Monday which has a free download with it and when I figure out all the software I’ll be putting Q&A into a podcast as well so that you can listen on the go! I am just being too kind to you here!


See you next week!

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