***There is an issue at the start of this recording and the picture isn’t loading until about 1min10. All was fine with the live feed but not with the recording for some odd reason 


I was hot footing it back from the Lancashire Business Expo #lbe2015 at which I’d vlogged so keep an eye out for that video going live soon.


In this week’s fun packed episode we talk;


Meerkat or Periscope?


Is it still possible to crush it on Facebook with the vastly reduced organic reach?


Is it possible to build a business just using Instagram


Has Twitter been contacting celebs to get them to use Periscope? Which led to my amazing tip to any sports type people who want to  expand their online brand to help them get into punditry


Peter also told us about how he’d been working away on Facebook for a month and wasn’t getting any results yet! I dropped in a plug to my 5 C’s in Success blog post from earlier this week


We also talked about burning your fingers when using curling thongs and how someone really should invent a device that doesn’t burn your fingers.


And I wished PNE all the best for tonights match (I will update this post after the match and say how they did)


As promised this is Natalie that does my nails for me every week tr-hoghton.com



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