Hey ladies and gents!

Thank you to those brave souls who sat with me for an hour yet again this week, especially after my epic airport run and extreme lack of sleep meant I kept forgetting what I was talking about! But hey, at least it’s entertaining. Who said social media management was ever boring (tongue in cheek remark there by the way).

Me dressed by MaryandMilly.co.uk

Me dressed by MaryandMilly.co.uk

 Celebrate the achievements with Socially Sam

So this was a hectic week with lots to talk about. But firstly, as ever, we started Q&A with giving snaps (totes Legally Blonde style) to a few people. One of my Socially fantastic group members Meredith who was celebrating completing the first part of her audio opt in and her coach loved it. Well done honey!! Next it was to my friend Poppy who managed to take on and successfully complete the daunting task of dressing me for a wedding, and doing a great job of it. As promised here’s a photo and please pop on over and take a look at her website where she has some great stuff www.maryandmilly.co.uk. And last but not least huge snaps to my friends Carl and Rose that got married at the weekend, hence why I had to get all dressed up. Thanks for the invite to your special day and I hope you are having a fantastic honeymoon.

This week we had some very varied questions, so here’s just a few notes and links that cover what I’m waffling on about;

Scott said that he felt like he was talking to himself on social media. Don’t worry Scott we all feel like that and if you get lonely just tweet me and I’ll reply. Persistence and consistency is the key and don’t give up!

Pam asked if she should hire a coach. We weren’t sure what type of coach she would need so it’s a good idea to have a bit of a brainstorm to decide what area you think you’d benefit more from having a bit of help with. We also talked about money blocks and what they are and how they could be making you self sabotage when it comes to earning more £££.

Harry wanted to know if every business should be on social media. No! Things like undertakers and debt collectors should most certainly not be! Sometimes ethics and morals reign supreme over online promotion.

Nicola had a great question about getting attracting the right kind of people to her website and about using remarketing codes. Here’s a YouTube video that may help with the actually techie side of doing the code https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxXvxjRb_7Q. I also offered her quite a few tips on how to drum up some traffic to then have more data to remarket to.

Paul asked if PNE (Preston North End FC) would be promoted this season. YES!!!!

Helena wanted to know about the camera equipment that I use as she wants to start a vlog. I will actually cover all of my equipment in a blog post soon and film my whole set up so you can see everything that is involved.

I also dropped it in there that my Samsung phone had recently updated and I think it’s pretty rubbish!

And I also mentioned (sales pitch alert) that you can now book a one hour coaching a strategy session with me for the very special rate of just $99. The usual rates start at $197 so it’s a massive saving and it might just be that little boost you need to kick start your online marketing or business strategy. Click here to book your session now! 



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