Q&A 6th July 2015 EP11 #AskSociallySam

by Jul 8, 2015Q and A

It’s time for some weekly (ish) Q&A’s again!


This week we streamed to Periscope again so I got all excited by the hearts and peoples comments on there.

We talked about video content, doing ‘Scopes, webinars, live streams etc and being camera ready. Also about if you are going to ‘Scope then add some value to it and don’t just do it for the sake of doing it. Nobody needs to see your boring dinner or the street you’re walking down.

We also talked a little about branding and separating your personal brand from your business brand and when it’s relevant to do that.

From next week (hopefully) we’ll be looking to focus each week’s Q&A on specific industries, so keep an eye out for the details of that coming soon.


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