It’s Never Too Late To Pursue Your Passions – Mic Drop Monday

by Mar 19, 2018

Many people seem to have a mental barrier when it comes to the age they start to pursue their passions. The truth is, it’s never too late to pursue your passions.


Life Begins At 40

There seems to be a train of thought that once you hit 40, that’s it, you just need to wait your time out and get your pension. Personally I couldn’t think of anything worse!


One of the many benefits of starting a business or pursuing your passions when you’re a bit older, is that you bring all of your experience and wisdom to the table with you. Opportunity seems to be presented as being just for the young. But they don’t have the experience that you have. They don’t have your strengths. They also don’t have your wisdom and understanding.


Risk And Reward

To pursue your passion when you are older may seem scary when you’ve bills to pay, kids to feed and a mortgage that scares the living daylights out of you. But that shouldn’t put you off going for your goals. There are lots of ways you can start, taking baby steps, but setting yourself on the path to achieving your goals.


You could start by starting a side hustle or just going freelance in your spare time. You could just take the leap into self-employment, but that might be a huge risk for you to take. Sometimes it’s too big a risk for some people. However, something I have experienced is that nothing focuses the mind more than the looming possibility of running out of money. Nothing makes you hustle your backside off to get the sales than knowing your need to feed the family. Although I’d never suggest just diving into starting a business without knowing what you’re doing.


No Regrets – Pursue Your Passions

The main thing is that if you have a burning desire to do something else with your life, then you owe it to yourself to give it a try. You can’t regret giving something a try. You may even fail. But at least you will have tried. And you won’t regret that.


Dream big and go after your goals. You deserve the business and life of your dreams. It’s never too late to pursue your passions.


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