How To Hold Yourself Accountable

by Jul 2, 2018

Just telling yourself that you are going to do something doesn’t really hold you accountable. Even telling others or writing out your goals can be a bit unaccountable. So how do you hold yourself accountable for achieving your goals? Watch this week’s video to find out!


What Do You Want To Do?

We all say we want to do things. Climb mountains, run marathons, write books, be a millionaire. But just saying it or even telling someone else it doesn’t mean to say it will happen. And it’s also a poor way to hold yourself accountable.


Think about what it is you really want. If you want to earn more money, what is the reason for that? Do you want a holiday? Or a new house? Pay off your debts? Whatever it is, be specific about it.


Become Accountable

Being specific about what it is you want to do will enable you to be more accountable to yourself. So, say for example you want to take your kids to Disney World for Christmas. Pricey. And you figure out it will cost you about £10,000. Then you figure out how you can earn that extra £10k. You might even tell your kids what the plan is. They will certainly hold you accountable for that one! But once you have gotten very specific and attached what it is you want to an emotional response from you, being accountable to yourself will be a lot easier. And you have a far higher chance of achieving what it is you’ve set out to do.


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