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Have Some Questions?

Can I book a course of consultations?

Yes! In fact I encourage it. You will get more benefit from having a few sessions with me as this will make you more accountable for the steps that you need to take to actually get the work done. Just visit my Consultation page to book a session.

Please contact me if you would like to put a monthly or annual coaching plan together.

Are you able to come and visit our offices to train us in person?

Well that’s going to depend on where in the world you are!

I offer in-house training and coaching sessions to businesses based within a 50 mile radius to Preston, Lancashire (that’s in the UK by the way). However I can travel further if required with expenses provided. Please feel free to contact me for further details

Why you? Why not some other guru?

Well firstly, I think guru is an overly used word within this industry. The truth is nobody truly has “guru” status other then those who are actually creating the social media platforms. Only they truly know them inside out and what’s coming next. The rest of us are just following their example.

However, what I actually do is make a living from physically doing social media, as in actually sitting in front of a computer day in day out and pumping out content for several clients. I find it, curate it, create it, post it, monitor it, answer it, feedback on it. In short – I actually do it! I walk the talk every single day and run a successful business and make my living around it. This is what I do. I don’t just talk about it or sell coaching programs based on sharing knowledge I’ve picked up from other people’s webinars. I actually do it.

And I wouldn’t have a full list of clients and still be in business if I didn’t know what I was doing.

Do I have to learn? Can you not just do it for me?

Yes, but, you are the very best person to talk about your business, however I totally understand that some people either just can’t do the techie stuff or get to grips with the posting stuff or simply do not have the time.

Can you attend our event as a guest speaker?

I’d love to (if it’s possible)!

Take a look at my Public Speaking page and you can arrange a time there for us to have a chat and talk through your requirements and event details.

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Please drop me a line if you’ve any questions at all about any of the services I offer and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter and give us a like, share and tweet and pop us in your circles too!

Address: 9-10 Cross Street, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 3LT

What some of my clients have to say…

“Sam really helped me with my FaceBook page organization and direction. She got people interested in the posts and my page. I would highly recommend her for giving your site a “bump” in popularity and activity ”

Dave Slinger

Sam has been a huge help to our business, firstly helping us get off the ground and then giving us some great advice when I had to stop one of our services for health reasons. She gave us some extremely solid advice on a new avenue to explore that has grown our “new” business so much more than we expected. Sam has just been an online media queen for us and you will love her too xx

Blushing Brides

“Thank you Sam. A very BIG thank you! Your advice has dramatically improved our social media. With your assistance, looking forward to progressing further with our Social Media. Kind Regards Doug & Mandy The Firm Slimming & Health Clinic.”

The Firm Slimming & Health Clinic

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